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These are the demo versions of songs JP sent to the band. Glenn & JP had discussed at some point to include this on the Machine CD as a bonus, but that was months before the CD release (and Glenn admittedly had forgotten about it) and time was pressing for the release so it was not included. In any event, they (CTS) felt it would be an interesting peek into how everyone (at least CTS) goes about putting together a complex piece from distant locations.

Winter/Spring 2008: JP wrote then recorded these demos in NJ. The final CD includes most of these vocals, keyboards, as well as some guitar tracks.
June 2008: Glenn added some keyboard tracks at JP's studio.
July 2008: While the band was playing in Pittsburgh Joey D'Amico tracked backing vocals in Rick's studio with Rick and Joe.
August-October 2008: Joe added bass tracks at his studio in Texas.
November 2008: Joey tracked all is drums in Sheffield in Maryland with Glenn and Joe.
January/February 2009: Bobby & Rick recorded most of their guitar parts and Glenn added a few keyboard tracks at Rick's Studio. Anthony Rankin recorded drums for Hero at this time as well.
Spring 2009: Rick tracked the acoustic guitar solo for Heaven at his studio.
Summer/Fall: 2009 Joe finished tracking bass parts at his studio in Texas and did mixes for all the songs.
Fall 2009: Glenn re-tracked some of his keyboard parts at his studio in Maryland to better fit with the current arrangements.
Winter 2010: A couple days at Rick's studio put the last of Bobby & Rick's guitars to bed as well as Glenn & Bobby tracking some background vocals.
Spring 2010: Rick did numerous mixes in his studio.
July 2010: Machine CD is released.

All this time various other tweaks of vocal parts, bass parts, keyboard parts,  percussion etc. were tracked, added, and changed as the process continued to brew. Offered as a free download.

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  Many Thanks to Terry W. (the boot man!) for organizing and contributing Mp3 boots as well as his contribution for using and downloading flac boots.